Game, Set, Match

Stock up on strawberries and cream, as it’s time for the biggest tennis tournament of the year – Wimbledon! With around 490,000 people attending the event itself and an estimated global audience of 1 billion, it’s no surprise that the nation loves getting in the summer spirit of this huge sporting event!

Wimbledon’s first event was 9th July 1877, held at the All England Club on the outdoor grass courts. It is by far one of the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, meaning that you’d likely spot a few celebrities and Royals in the crowd of spectators if you’re lucky enough to attend!

But if you (like us) will be viewing from the comfort of your own sofa, get your TV set up ready for the 2nd July – 15th July when the event is in full swing. Your nearest Costcutter will be stacked full of tennis treats, so head on down to grab the best deals!


As you may (or may not!) know, Wimbledon isn’t just about the sport itself. Oh no. Food and drink play a huge part in this event too and the facts are staggering! Over the course of the tournament, Wimbledon serves an average of:

• 330,000 cups of tea and coffee

• 320,000 glasses of Pimm’s

• 230,000 bottles of water

• 110,000 pints of draught beer and lager

• 86,000 ice creams

• 76,000 sandwiches

• 29,000 bottles of champagne

• 166,000 servings of English strawberries

• 110,000 scones

• 10,000 litres of dairy cream

So, if you’re thinking of hosting a Wimbledon-style Afternoon Tea, make sure you head in-store to stock up on the above - don’t worry, we don’t expect you’ll have quite as many guests as Wimbledon itself, so a couple of packs of strawberries and cream may suffice, along with a packet of scones!


Did you know that tennis is not only great to watch, it’s also fun to play yourself and is fantastic exercise! Why not take the kids to your local sport centre and, depending on the weather, use their indoor/outdoor courts for a friendly match? Or you could challenge your friends to a tournament for a small prize!

Whatever you do, make sure you stock up on bottled water from Costcutter – you’ll need to keep hydrated, as tennis games will have you running all over the court! Pop down to Costcutter to make the most of our fantastic in-store offers.