Family, Friends, Footballs and Flowers

This year, Saturday 19th May is a truly exciting day for many of us. With the Emirates FA Cup Final AND the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we're unsure we can cope with all this excitement in the space of one day!

However, we do understand that football and royal wedding celebrations aren’t for everyone, which is why Costcutter are here to make sure that we’ve got you prepped for any occasion. Whether you’re meeting your mates to watch football, throwing a royal wedding themed party, or simply enjoying a Saturday in the sunshine *fingers crossed*, we have plenty of ideas for you to pinch!


With millions of people coming together to witness these momentous events, that means a whole load of party food is going to be needed to feed the celebrating masses! Luckily, Costcutter is always stocked with plenty of nibbles and party essentials for you to pick up in preparation.

Why not stock up ingredients and make some delicious party food? We have some great recipes, including: 

• Spiced Potato Wedges 

• Sausage Rolls 

• Antipasto Skewers 

• Spaghetti & Meatballs

• Pitta Bread Pizzas 

• Strawberry & Coconut Flapjacks 

And for the pièce de résistance, why not make a show-stopping dessert, such as our Jammy Dodger Cheesecake? This recipe simply oozes Britishness and is 100% delicious! 

We also have Lotus Biscoff Spread on offer in-store from 7th May – 27th May, so stock up and make this crowd-pleasing Ice Cream Log with Marscapone and Biscoff recipe


Let’s be honest – the UK weather is NEVER predictable, so it’s easy to be reluctant to plan anything too weather-dependent. The same goes for football – the outcome is so unpredictable, we never know what to expect! 

No matter what happens, here are some things to plan so you’re prepared for anything: 


- Host an indoor feast with board games! Who says staying indoors has to be boring? Not us!

- Gather your fellow football pals and host a feast at your place with drinks and snacks!

- Host a very British Afternoon Tea at your house whilst watching the wedding, complete with tea and biscuits! 


- Invite your family and friends for a BBQ (we have loads of recipes you can try!) 

- Pack up a picnic and watch the match at an outdoor venue 

- Organise a Royal Wedding Street Party - everyone brings a dish each, happy days! 


- Celebration time! Pick up a bottle of your favourite drink from Costcutter and share the glorious moment with your friends and family. If the sun’s shining, take the kids to the park and have a game of football to replicate some of the golden moments! 


- Nobody likes a sore loser! To soften the blow of an England loss, why not host a light-hearted “Pity Party” - a chance to have a laugh and have a good old knees-up with your favourite food, drinks and friends!

We hope this has given you plenty to go off ready for the 19th May! And no matter what you do, always make sure you stop by Costcutter to see what they have stocked to help you have the best time! 

With a huge thank you to @saltandvanilla for the fantastic Jammy Dodger Cheesecake recipe and photography!