Bring Summer Home!

Come rain or shine, there is always something to do! Although sometimes it’s hard to plan, especially when the UK weather is so changeable, which is why we’ve compiled a “to do” list to help inspire you! We want to help you make this Summer your own, and we have loads of great ideas to help you get started:


• Go to the park with a picnic – Pack up a big blanket and some food and drink and head to the park to relax in the sunshine. Want some recipe inspiration? Check out our Perfect Picnic section!

• Go for a hike – Walking can clear your mind and is also great for your health! Want a new adventure? You could always drive somewhere new and walk from there – just make sure you take a map!

• Take your dog (or a friend’s dog!) for walk – What could be better than taking a dog out for a walk to share the sunshine –take a ball or a frisbee to throw for them (and hopefully they’ll bring it back to you!)

• Go Geocaching – Ever heard of geocaching? It’s basically a big worldwide treasure hunt and it’s free! All you need is your phone, the Geocaching App and an internet connection to take part. Look online for more information!

• Give your garden a little TLC – When the suns out, it’s the perfect chance to pull on your gardening gloves and spend some time gardening. Plant some new flowers, mow the lawn and get rid of those weeds!

• Ride a bike – Pack up a picnic in a rucksack and feel the wind in your hair as you free-wheel along with your family or friends. Make sure you wear a helmet – safety first!

• Go fly a kite! – Honestly, we’re being serious! You’ll be surprised how much fun it is to fly a kite and the kids will love seeing it soar high in the sky.


• Cook/bake something – A rainy day is the perfect chance to spend time baking – whether you make a showstopper (or a show-flopper!) you and the kids will have loads of fun getting creative. Look at our Cakes & Baking section for ideas! 

• Write a story with the kids – Let your imaginations run wild and write a story together – you could start by writing one or two words each and see what kind of silly story you come up with. The time will pass so quickly and you’ll have a good laugh! 

• Have a movie marathon – Pick out some of your favourite films and snuggle under a blanket. Pop by your local Costcutter beforehand to stock up on popcorn and other cinema snacks! 

• Play board games – Board games don’t have to be boring – there are so many new jazzy ones out there that are a great laugh and they’re a great way to bring family and friends together (until there’s a sore loser anyway!) 

• Go puddle jumping with the kids – Pull on your wellies and anorak and head outside – walking in the rain can be fun when you’re prepared, and the kids will absolutely love jumping in the big puddles! Why not head in-store to your local Costcutter to pick up some treats while you’re at it? 

• Do an indoor treasure hunt – Hide various objects around the house and set your kids off finding them. You could draw a map to make it easier or write out clues – you could even dress up in fancy dress as pirates if you’re feeling that way out! 

• Make a blanket fort – Got bedsheets? Got a table and chairs and some cushions? Perfect - you have all you need to create a blanket fort! Kids will love hiding inside it and it provides hours of fun. 

• Host a tea party – Why not host your very own tea party? Whether it be for your family or for friends, pop down to your local Costcutter to pick up supplies and have your very own Rainy-Day Tea Party!