Make Your Summer Sizzle!

Make the most of the summer whether it's sunny or not!

If you love barbecues half as much as we do, you’ll want to make the most of the sunshine, gathering friends and family for a last-minute spot of al fresco dining. And while there’s nothing wrong with the classic burger and hot dog combinations, now is a great time to shake up your barbecue repertoire with some fresh new ideas.


Of course, for most of us the star of any barbecue is the meat. And from our thick pork sausages, flavoured pork steaks and ribs to our chicken thighs and drumsticks; our in-store range has everything to satisfy meat lovers.

But why not ring the changes by adding a new twist to your burgers and grills? Marinades, rubs and relishes are an easy way to transform the everyday into a gourmet feast. Whizz up avocados and chilli with a squeeze of lime for a Mexican vibe or mix lemon and herbs for a Mediterranean flavour.


Forget the token bowl of limp leaves that’s always left at the end of every barbecue. With our super-fresh salad ingredients; your guests are sure to enjoy the side dishes just as much as the main event.

You’ll find crisp iceberg lettuces, cucumbers and tomatoes in store to create the basis of a whole host of different salads. And by adding a few extra ingredients, you can transform your salad into something spectacular. Throw in our mixed olives with cheese to create a quick and tempting Greek salad. Or griddle a few pear halves, releasing their delicious sweetness, before tossing them into your salad with a handful of crumbled Danish blue cheese


With a great range of fresh and flavoursome vegetarian ingredients, your veggie guests will be well catered for. From roasted peppers filled with savoury rice to baked potatoes topped with our Greek-style houmous; you’ll find plenty of inspirational ideas for creating quick and nutritious vegetarian or vegan dishes.

And because we like to keep things simple for busy people, we’ve got all the little extras you need to host the perfect barbecue from tomato ketchup to kitchen roll for wiping those deliciously sticky fingers.

So get stuck in and try something new for your next barbecue!