Festival Ready

We’re at the height of festival season here in the UK, with thousands of festivals happening around the country every week over the summer period. There’s a festival for any age and any interest – from music festivals to food festivals, sporting festivals and spiritual festivals, there’s something for everyone!

With the great weather we’ve been having, what better way to enjoy the summer than to spend it with friends and family partying in the great outdoors? Costcutter has all your festival food and drink essentials stocked and ready to go, whatever the weather.


When it comes to packing, it’s easy to include everything but the kitchen sink. However, many festivals are spread across large fields and it’s likely you’ll be carrying your stuff a fair distance in varied weather conditions. So, to save time, frustration and energy, make sure you only take what you need (remember – many festivals have everything on-site available to buy!)

Here is an idea of what you should take:

• Festival ticket

• Tent

• Sleeping bag and roll mat

• Wellies or durable boots

• Toilet roll (don’t be caught short!)

• A warm jumper (for night times)

• Sun tan lotion

• Waterproof clothing

• Toiletries 

• Enough change of clothes (in case you get wet!)

• Medical info and medication (if you have any allergies or medical conditions)

• Torch (very handy for night-time toilet trips and finding your tent in the dark!)

• Money/cards – keep these in festival lockers if possible and only take out what you need

• Hat

• Bags for dirty clothes and rubbish (keep our fields clean and green!)

• Mark valuables with your house name and postcode so it can be posted back to you if lost


Many festivals will allow you to bring your own food and drink, so make sure you stock up ahead of time. We have plenty of offers in-store for you to take advantage of, so stop by before your festival to get all the best deals!

So now you have all you need in preparation for your festival fun! Head to your nearest Costcutter and make the most of our range.