Festive Cheesecake Recipe

Prepare5 Mins

Festive Cheesecake


    250g of festive Mcvities Digestives (Gingerbread or Christmas pudding!)

    100g of melted butter

    1 tsp of vanilla essence

    600g of full fat soft cheese

    100g of icing sugar

    280ml of double cream

    Topping: Fruit of your choice!


Step 1. Make the base by putting your festive digestives in a plastic food bag and crush the biscuits using a rolling pin. Add the crushed biscuits to a bowl and then pour over your melted butter. Mix together. Tip them into a greased loose bottom tin and press them down firmly to create an even and solid base. Let that sit in the fridge for approx. 1 hour to set!

Step 2. Now onto the next step! Add your cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla essence into a bowl and mix until smooth. Pour in your double cream and then beat together until combined. You now need to add your creamy mixture to your solid festive biscuits base and smooth it down with a spatula until even.

Step 3. Leave your cheesecake to chill in the fridge (preferably overnight) Then it’s time to add the decoration. We’d recommend adding some fresh fruit to the top! Feel free to add anything else though! Melted chocolate, crushed biscuits… whatever you fancy!

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