Ultimate Breakfast Burger

Serves4 Prepare5 Cooks25

Ultimate breakfast burgers


    -          4 English muffins

    -          Cheese of choice – sliced or grated (more cheese the better in our opinion)

    -          4 eggs

    -          4 rashers of bacon

    -          8 sausages

    -          1 ripe avocado 


Step 1.  This is a simple one! Start the sausages cooking, turning every so often so they’re cooked thoroughly

Step 2.  Whilst they are sizzling away, add the bacon to your pan to crisp up

Step 3.  Cook your eggs when your bacon and sausages are nearly done

Step 4.  Toast your muffins – add some butter for that extra decadence

Step 5.  Now it’s time to assemble! Add 2 sausages, 1 slice of bacon, a sprinkling of cheese (or a slice) and your sunny side up egg per toasted muffin. We then like to finish ours off with a quarter avocado, for a creamy touch and that added green

Step 6.  All you need now is a cuppa and you’re ready to demolish a Father’s Day breakfast fit for a king!

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