Chocolate Bark

Serves8 Prepare10 Cooks45

Chocolate Bark


    All the leftover milk and white chocolate eggs!

    Lots of toppings, we used mini eggs but anything goes here


Step 1. Melt your milk and white chocolate in separate bowls

Step 2. To melt, bring some water to the boil and then pop the bowl on top of the pan

Step 3. Keep stirring the chocolate until it has all melted

Step 4. Add some grease proof paper to a baking tray

Step 5. Pour out your melted milk chocolate to make your chocolate rectangle (or whatever shape your heart desires!)

Step 6. Then blob on some white chocolate and swirl it in to create a fancy marble effect

Step 7. Next, sprinkle on your toppings

Step 8. Keep the chocolate bark in the fridge until set and break it up into chunks, ready to eat!

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