Murky Margarita

Serves6 Prepare5 Cooks15 - 20 mins

Gourmet Burgers


  • 6 Richmond sausages
  • 6 hot dog buns
  • Grated cheese
  • Onions
  • Bacon
  • Green chillies
  • Ketchup/Mayo/Salsa/Guacamole


Step 1. This is a super simple recipe and a great way to get creative with your food! First step is to cook your hotdogs until charred and juicy

Step 2. Next, make sure your buns are cut and ready to fill

Step 3. Fry your bacon and onions until crispy and pop them into separate bowls

Step 4. Add your grated cheese to another bowl along with your chopped green chillies

Step 5. Get out an array of condiments, the more the better.

Step 6. - Then let everyone assemble their gourmet bangers, just in time for the fireworks!

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