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Chicken Satay

Packs a Malaysian peanuty punch and is a high protein dish

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Gluten Free Steak Salad

This gluten free Steak Salad is the perfect dish for meat lovers!

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Fitness Food

Lentil Curry

This delicious curry is low calorie and suitable for vegans and vegetarians!

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Alpro Almond Porridge

Start the day right with this wholesome Alpro porridge!

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Drinks to go with your dinner

Check out our Tasting Notes so that you can find the perfect accompaniment to your meal!  We've got cocktails, beers and wines all covered for when you pop in store...

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Bringing Summer Home

Our “Bringing Summer Home” recipes are packed full of incredible flavors that are sure to delight whoever you are entertaining this Summer wither it be family or friends.

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Costcutter Easter_Chocolate Bark- Square

Easter for All

Wither your looking for ideas for a cooked lunch or have loads of chocolate eggs left you just don't know what to do with we have some great recipes to help you out.

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Mother's Day

Try some of these tasty recipes to make you smile!

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J12277 Costcutter Christmas Halloween_Pigs in Blankets

Christmas Recipes

A festive collection of recipes to try this Chrismas and share with friends and family

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