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Cheers then eat with Stella Artois

When it comes down to making the ultimate choice then Stella Artois is the perfect beer to pair with food. We’re going to run through some of our perfect foodie pairings to go with it.

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Guiness Blog

Six Nations with Guinness

We want you to enjoy the full pub experience, but at home this year! Thanks to Guinness, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you when the game is on!

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Pancake day with McDougalls

Pancake day is nearly here and we’re looking for any excuse to dig out the frying pan and get started with a huge stack of deliciousness!

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Valentine’s Day with Thorntons

At Costcutter we’re all about making the most of the now and who doesn’t need a day to celebrate right now? Let’s make this Valentine’s day one to remember.

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Christmas Blog

Best ways to budget this Christmas

Blow your budget every Christmas? It’s ok we’ve all been there! But we’re here to pass on some really simple tips to help save the pennies this year but still have all the festive fun!

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Christmas Blog

Christmas at home The Ultimate Guide for Christmas 2020

This year has been different… to say the least. But we still think Christmas 2020 can be as magical as you make it! Click here to read our ultimate guide for Christmas 2020 at home.

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How to Throw A Spooktacular Halloween Party!

Read along to find out some great ways that Costcutter have put together to have a fun and safe Halloween party this year. Let’s lift some spirits, shall we?

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Christmas Blog

Letter to Santa

Keep the kids entertained and get ready for Christmas with our letter to Santa template. Download, print and let the Christmas magic begin!

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You and Yours Blog

Garden Parties on a Budget – Costcutter’s Top Tips!

Finding a work life balance can be a struggle at the best of times, not to mention more recently! Follow our tips and tricks below so make sure you prioritise yourself for a little down time.

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