Celebrate your English roots, it's St George's Day!

Wesaþ hāle (or "Welcome" if you don't speak Old English!) Time to grab your patriotic flags and hats - on the 23rd April, it's St George's Day! 

Here at Costcutter, we love celebrating and always have plenty of products stocked up in-store to help you celebrate too! From hot-pots and pies through to sweet and savoury puddings, there are loads of delicious English dishes you can make! 

So, without further ado, let’s find out who St George was, why some people celebrate and the best part – ways that everybody can enjoy a fun and food-filled St George’s Day!


First – who on earth was St George?! According to legend, he was a brave and Roman soldier born in Turkey around 280AD and died in 303AD. During his life, he fought for the defence of the innocent and stood in the face of adversity. There is also a mythical tale that St George slayed a dragon, saving his daughter, the townspeople and their livestock from the ferocious beast!  

With this mix of fact and fiction and his life of radiating courage and triumph, St George was chosen to be the patron Saint of England by King Edward III.


Although St George’s Day falls on a Monday, there are loads of ways you can join in the celebrations – one is to decorate your house with England flags and bunting to really show your pride (the kids will love doing this too!)

Or if you’re wanting a low-key approach, pack up a picnic at the weekend and take yourself out for a walk to truly embrace the beautiful English countryside. Your local Costcutter will have plenty of picnic food at great prices!

You can also check out what’s happening in your local area in the run up to St George’s Day. In many places all over England, there will be re-enactments of St George slaying the dragon which the whole family will absolutely love to watch! There’s plenty going on for grown-ups and kids alike, so make sure you do your research ahead of time to avoid disappointment.


What’s a St Georges Day celebration without loads of delicious food? You could invite your family and friends round the day before for a good ole roast dinner and drinks (check out our Sunday Roasts recipes to get inspired!)

Or how about making a fresh Fish Pie, along with some delicious Fruit Scones to follow? They’re perfect for sharing and delicious with some jam and fresh cream. We have plenty of Traditional recipes for you to try, so have a peek and give it a go!

Whatever you plan to do this St George’s Day, make sure you swing by your local Costcutter to see what tasty delights they have in-store for you!